The Heartless Game – Chapter 3 (romance novel)



I took a deep breath, and got straight into it.

“I’m sorry to barge in like this but it’s important.”

He walked around his desk, leaned against it and crossed his arms. I couldn’t help but notice the bulge of muscle that strained his sleeves.

“You have five seconds,” he said with threatening softness.

“I got fired.”

He shrugged carelessly, making me want to punch him. Just because he didn’t have to worry about bills ever again, it didn’t mean the rest of the world was in the same position.

I was embarrassed of the facts I was about to disclose, but I had to be honest. “I don’t have much in the way of savings. I’ll be behind on rent if I don’t find a job now. Soon I’ll be homeless.”

A pleased smirk played at his lips. “How is it possible that the daughter of the wealthy Mr Khan is struggling for money?”

I raised my chin a fraction, proudly. “It’s been six years I haven’t taken a single penny from my family.”

He looked at me expectantly, as though waiting for me to reveal more. His intimidating gaze was the type to make people squirm and give up all the information he wanted. But it didn’t work on me. He wasn’t getting any other personal details out of me.

“The way you reacted cost me more than my job. I’m being harassed online; people are saying awful things about me that I don’t deserve. This new reputation isn’t allowing me to find work.”

“The way I reacted was as a result of you showing up so unexpectedly.”

“That was my place of work.”

“And I’d never have attended if I had known.”

“How would you have known? It’s not as though we kept in touch!”

His eyes narrowed dangerously. “Don’t raise your voice at me in my own office.”

I let out an exasperated breath. If I wanted his help, I had to remain patient, even in the face of his rudeness.

“I’m sorry,” I said simply, and he seemed pleased to hear my voice become much smaller.

He was a controlling, dominating bastard. His wealth had gotten to his head, caused him to grow accustomed to everyone in the world treating him like he was something special.

“Your anger towards me isn’t justified. I shouldn’t be punished for another’s mistakes.”

“You’re the damn daughter of the man who fired my mother, who called her a liar. Clearly it’s true what they say, the world has its own way of delivering justice.”

I flinched. After a moment, I opened my mouth to respond but he cut in before that.

“Get out of my office now. Or I’ll throw you out myself.”

The thought of those hands on my body… despite his hatred and incivility, despite everything, the mere thought of that had my heart soaring.

His dark, infuriated gaze had me taking a step closer instead of bolting. This was my last resort; if he didn’t fix this for me, didn’t get me my old job back, I’d be completely lost.

“Look, we both know I wouldn’t be here if I had any other option.”

“There’s nothing I can do for you,” Aryan said, looking towards the door suggestively.

I grit my teeth and walked away. But the moment I touched the door handle, I could no longer hold in all my pent up anger.

“You’re an awful prick. And you’re much more like my father than I am: filthy rich, arrogant, entitled, and careless of ruining people’s lives.”

He stalked towards me with a swiftness that left me frozen. Even I couldn’t believe I’d just spoken to him in such a way. I’d said all the wrong things, unforgivable things. Why had I let my anger get the best of me? I should’ve just left.

He stopped mere inches from me. I couldn’t draw breath.

“What the hell did you just say?” he snarled.

His hazel eyes fixated on me.

I couldn’t speak, could barely even think. My mouth grew dry. I licked my lips in an attempt to pluck up the confidence to say something, to apologise.

His gaze lowered to my mouth. And I sensed something shift between us. The sizzle of electricity. As though if he were to touch me now, my skin would burn. One look at him and I knew he felt it too. This feeling was too potent, too undeniable.

I was impossibly still, afraid that even the slightest breath would fragment this moment. It was all up to him. I’d let him decide what would happen between us now. Ever so slowly, he inched forward.